Hair Analysis

A hair sample is what is considered a mineral biopsy, also known as cellular mineral sampling. Though the hair is technically “dead,” minerals formed in the hair when it is growing are still there. Since the concentration of minerals in the hair is about 10 times as high as the blood, and many minerals and toxic metals are filtered out of the blood, certain minerals can be easier to detect accurately with a Hair Analysis.

The symptoms that you are experiencing may be a result of, or aggravated by, an imbalance of minerals, or a build up of toxic metals in your body. Having the proper minerals in your body, such as those considered electrolytes, are essential to proper body processes and functions. Minerals, or metals, such as lead, mercury, and aluminum, can cause illness in your body. On the other hand a lock of minerals such as magnesium, iron, and others, are essential, and can cause health issues if their levels are too low or high.

Hair Analysis is a great way to understand what your body needs in order to feel healthy and work at 100%.

What are trace minerals? – Some commonly known trace minerals are iron, zinc, fluoride and iodine. Other lesser know trace minerals include copper, selenium, molybdenum, chromium, and manganese. Trace minerals are essential for the health of your body.

What metals are toxic? – Toxic metals come from many unexpected sources. These metals are found in everyday products, our food supply, drinking water and even the air that we breathe. Metal poisoning can occur when these metals are not flushed from our bodies, allowing the accumulation to reach toxic levels.

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