Frequently Asked Questions About Thermography

Why would I need to have a Thermal Imaging done?

For an early detection for breast disease or other inflammatory problems. Digital Thermal Imaging can help detect early abnormal changes anywhere in the body.

What does DITI stand for?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Are there any risks or side effects?

Absolutely none. The procedure is totally non‐invasive.

Who will be performing the test?

A female Certified Clinical Thermographer will be taking your pictures. This is a person that has been specially trained in Thermal Imaging. One of our Thermographers is also a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Practitioner.

How long does the procedure take?

For a simple breast screening or one region of interest it would take about 15 to 20 minutes. For more regions it would take longer. A full body scan might take about 45min to one hour.

What is a region of interest?

A Region of Interest is the part of the body we will be taking pictures of. It is separated to include breast, head, chest/back, abdomen, arms and legs. We can do close up pictures of the thyroid, carotid arteries, and any region of special interest requested.

Where are the images taken?

Mat‐Su Skin Deep is located at 4621 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654 with All About Herbs. There is a special area devoted to Thermal Imaging for privacy. Hours are M‐F 10‐6, Sat 10‐5

What happens during the test?

The procedure is totally non‐invasive. The scanner does not give off any radiation. You will need to remove clothing and jewelry appropriate for the Region of Interest being studied. We will also need to pull your hair up off your neck for upper body images. You will be given a sarong or cotton gown to cover up with while your body is allowed to acclimate to the rooms’ temperature. We will review your history and have you sign a HIPAA form so that we are given permission to send your images to medical doctors to review. We will take the pictures with a state of the art Meditherm Infra Red Camera especially made for medical images. Once we’ve determined all the views are taken we have you get dressed and carry on with your day.

When can I expect to get my report back?

Your images will be sent immediately to our medical doctors that are board certified in Thermology. Generally the reports are sent back in 24‐48 hours, depending weekend or holiday. We will then transfer information to a hard copy or CD (which ever you chose). We can send it to you or you can pick it up. Included in the price is a report copy sent to your health care provider if you request. A phone or in‐person consultation is also included in the price to review the report and images with you.

Does insurance cover Thermal Imaging?

As a rule most insurances including Medicare, Medicaid do not cover thermal imaging. Some private insurance’s are covering a portion of the cost. We do not bill insurance but we do give you an itemized receipt with the CPT code and provider number to send in to your insurance.

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